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Master professional advertising in Pinterest! Learn to get explosive traffic and convert it into sales, extensive product research, ad creative, the customer journey, and optimise Actalike audiences.

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Set Up Right

The Basics

Starting with the basics, let’s take a tour of the Pinterest business dashboard

Account Set Up

Setting up your business account on Pinterest properly with zero errors and understand what each aspect means

Tag Management

Install and test your Pinterest pixel the right way and start firing events. This will allow you to created targeted conversion campaigns. 

Competitive Research

Check up on your competition and take notes what they are doing correctly and where you can stand out

Pinterest SEO

Free Traffic

Optimize your pins and build a machine that can reach THOUSANDS of your dream customers & get them to buy while you sleep.

Keyword Funnels

Discover Pinterest trends, and high performing keywords through the Pinterest platform and external free sites.


Discover little-known sources for unique pins that will generate repins and more followers…

Pinterest Ad Creative


Understand and explore current Pinterest themes, schemes and trends to create the perfect range of high converting Pins

Static Ads

Create a range of static ads (non video) with Canva or Photoshop. Templates included

Video Ads

Design eye catching video ads with Canva or Premiere Pro. Templates provided


Traffic Campaigns

Create your first traffic campaign to generate a buzz around your Pinterest account and attract potential buyers

Conversion Campaigns

Convert customers with targeting well structured and organised conversion campaigns 

Remarketing Campaigns

Retarget people who have already engaged, visited your website or are on your email list by creating Actalike campaigns

Keywords & Audiences

Keyword Research

Discover high performing keywords for your campaign that will bring you targeted customers actively seeking your product or service


Discover and test audiences that work for you on the Pinterest platform

Converting Sales

Optimising Keywords

Remove dead keywords from your campaign and start optimizing for the keywords and audiences that are high performing and creating conversions


Explore bidding options for keywords based on your targeted CPA. Understand how to calculate this number

Optimising Ad Creatives

Optimize the ads that are working, make tweaks and amendments where necessary and scale the profitable ad creatives


Optimizing Cold Campaigns

Refine and take a closer look at the cold campaigns which are working for you and scale them even further

Actalike Campaigns

Create actalike campaigns based on people who have already interacted with your pin or website

Remarketing Ad Creatives

Create remarketing ads for your audience who have already taken action on your website or engaged with your Pin

Other Things To Consider

Website Optimization

Take a look at your landing page and how best to optimise it for sales or optins

Email Remarketing

Set up email remarketing with Klaviyo, or Mailchimp to capture those leads who just need a little extra nudge!

Website Support

Ensure that customers feel every bit safe and secure while on your website by providing them with support through and through. 

Case Study Overview

E-Commerce Case Study

Discussion and analysis on my live case study of a store that I scaled to over $3k in 7 days. 

Lead Magnet Cast Study

Discussion and analysis on a live lead magnet case study of a store that provided 5000 opt ins

$10k in 10 days Case Study

Discussion and analysis on my live case study of a store that I scaled to over $10k in 10 days

Templates Included

Minimal Pin (Canva)
Vibrant Pin (Canva)
Viral Pin (Canva)
Ad Sales Copy 1
Ad Sales Copy 2
Video Ad Template (AE)
Video Ad Template (Canva)
Negative Keyword List

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