A media platform empowering women around the world. We host interviews and events from successful women in varied industries such as business, fashion, entertainment and all in between. 

WOA! brings your brand to a loyal audience of 21-60- something women dedicated to living life well. If your brand seeks to reach real women, looking for real solutions to everyday challenges, then you have come to the right place. These women are busy, and do not have the time, nor patience shopping around for the best information. They want the perfect solution without hassle. They are brand-loyal, share information with other women, and become your best advocates.

All sponsorship opportunities include social media amplification with a total reach of over 20,000 followers. Several messages are shared throughout the day to ensure total coverage over an array of busy schedules.

DISCLOSURE: WOA! conforms to the data protection guidelines. All links within product reviews and sponsored posts are no-follow unless otherwise stated.

Our platforms include blog, podcasts, youtube, events and webinars.







WOA! Podcast runs on Monday and Thursday every week, roughly 8 episodes a month.

WOA! podcast is distributed on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify and listeners dive into a world of learning through hearing the stories and uplifting messages from inspiring and influential women

  • 15 Second Preroll – $150

  • 60 second Midroll – $300

  • 30 second Postroll – $200


Our reader profile is comprised of women—ranging from 33 to 52 years old—who have finally reached a comfortable place in life. They are single, married, or single again, and may or may not have children.

  • They are college educated and may have a graduate degree. They expect their children to go to college as well.

  • Their families are secure and independent. They spend less than they make and invest in the future

  • They can afford the latest in technology, and they purchase courses and frequent events that will simplify their life or solve a problem.